I often taste beers at home, alone or with friends.
Not sure if I mentioned yet but I’ve recently become a BJCP beer judge, too.

Anyway, I want to start recording these tastings here. Sometimes they may be just a few notes, some other times I may compile a full BJCP evaluation sheet. Here’s the first one!

Last Thursday I tasted the Limoncello IPA, a collaboration of Siren Craft Brewing with Mikkeller and Hill Farmstead. They claim to have created this beer to bring to mind the famous Italian digestif called Limoncello, made with alcohol, sugar and lemon zest.

In my opinion, they made it!
The beer has an interesting aroma, with lemon zest (surprise surprise), other citrus fruits, minor notes of tropical fruits and resin (presumably from the Sorachi Ace and Citra hops) and low, perfumed, alcoholic notes that remind of rose water. Even more interesting is the flavor of this beer, with a medium acidity (slightly less than a Berliner Weisse – the beer is kettle soured) but a lot of residual sweetness as well thanks to the lactose they added. Combine this with its creaminess, derived from oats and wheat, and its pleasant warming alcoholic feeling, and it really feels like drinking Limoncello.

So, a very interesting beer, to drink in small quantities (I’m not sure I’d drink a full 33cl bottle), maybe after a meal, exactly like the Italian digestif!