Aka, our first long hike in Aosta Valley.
You can see it below on Strava (and there it goes the original idea of keeping the blog anonymous…) if you’re interested in some more technical data.

We really liked this hike, even though the mountains may not be as spectacular as the Dolomites, where we’ve been a few times in the last two years, the trail was really enjoyable (and tough, which is part of the fun for me).

Rifugio Sella

For dinner, we rewarded ourselves with a massive cheese tasting, with 18 different types of cheese, mostly from the Alps. It wasn’t too impressive to be honest, since we found many of the cheeses to be pretty standard in terms of quality. Not bad, just not wonderful. Maybe our expectations were too high. Still, it was a nice dinner at Bar á Fromage, in Cogne.

One of the three cheese plates we got. This was the most interesting one, with the truly seasoned cheeses. The 2 year old Fontina was especially good!