As mentioned in my previous post, my next homebrew will be a Porter. A bit of a special porter – actually not at all nowadays, especially in the US, it may have been special in the 1950s – since I want to add a few spices (vanilla and cinnamon) and oatmeal.

To get ready for a batch I usually do three things:
1 – think about what I want to brew (duh)
2 – figure out how the style/recipe tastes like (reading online and drinking similar beers)
3 – put together a recipe

I’ve got step 1 figured out, step 2 is in-progress (my order should arrive tomorrow) and step 3 is also under construction but almost done.
This is the recipe I’ve put together so far:

Munich Malt II (Weyermann) – 73.3%
Pilsner Malt (Weyermann) – 8.9%
Flaked Oats – 8.9%
Carafa I – 5.3%
Black Malt –  3.6%
Styrian Golding hops – 30g
Mangrove Jack Empire Ale yeast
Vanilla and cinnamon tinctures at bottling

It’s still in progress, I’m not entirely sure about the roasted malts and whether to add some crystal malt or not, but I felt like sharing. I plan to use mainly Munich as a base malt to get a nice malty backbone. I’ll need that since it won’t be a strong beer (OG should be between 1040 and 1050).
Something I’ve just read about and definitely want to try is toasting some of the flaked oats (let’s say half). It’s a very easy process (see a guide here), which apparently gives a very interesting cookie note that, together with cinnamon and vanilla, should create the impression of a liquid oatmeal cookie, yummy!
I’ll also have to create a vanilla tincture and a cinnamon tincture, which I’ll use at bottling to better calibrate the flavor of these spices in my porter. To do that, I’ll have to find some good quality vanilla and cinnamon.
I’m sure there will be some in Milan, Italy (I don’t live that far from the city). 
I’ll keep you posted on these preparations!