Mysterious number, isn’t it?
Or maybe not so much, depending on what kind of person you are I guess.
As far as I’m concerned, I can’t avoid noticing a sort of pattern here. It looks like my order is number 36,369. Not too bad for an Italian website selling craft beers, born in 2012. It means an average of 6,000 orders per year. Assuming an average basket size of €100 (I think this is on the low side), it translates to a minimum of €600,000 revenues per year.

So yes, as you may have guessed, that title is the subject of the confirmation order email I got from , a good website selling craft beer in Italy.

I buy beers from them, or similar websites/beer shops, every two-three months, always with some sort of tasting goal in mind. This is what I bought this time.

As you can see I want to focus mostly on porters, a style I’ve always liked. I’ve always been fascinated by the complexities malts can give to beer, much more interesting than hops to me (having drank several liters of IPAs in my first beer years may have played a role here).
Besides them you’ll see a few IGAs, always interesting, a couple spiced beers, two crazy brews by Mikkeller, some American cans (there was a discount and we don’t get many of them here in Italy) and a couple British classics; British beer is my true beer love.

Anyway, back to porters, I want to taste a few examples of this style since my next home-brew will be a porter. Definitely a porter with oatmeal, possibly with vanilla, if I really feel lucky with cinnamon, too. A friend suggested these two spices and I thought “well, why not”. Hopefully tasting a few porters will give me some ideas on how to fine-tune my recipe or at a minimum set my palate for when I’ll taste my own. It’ll be fun, too! 
I’ll brew it at the beginning of September and will definitely write a post about it!