I’ve signed up for my first 10k.
It’ll take place in Milan, in October. 

I’ve always had a good relationship with running, since I was 16 at least. I like running, I love the running high and competing with myself always motivates me hugely. 
Unfortunately I’ve never really managed to train constantly for it. It’s always been a secondary sport for me, but that wasn’t really a cause for my vicissitudes with it.
The main reason why I’ve had up and downs with it and never managed to train regularly could instead be injuries. I’ve always had minor ones when running and, since I’m an active person who doesn’t like downtime at all, eventually stopped running after each single serious-but-not-so-serious injury. I just thought running wasn’t compatible with my other “primary” sports (sailing a few years ago, rock climbing now) and preferred focusing on them instead on understanding why those injuries occurred.

However, around two months ago, I read Born to Run (a popular book by Christopher McDougall, which I strongly recommend) and found the necessary inspiration to start running again. Not only that, I may have found the reason for my injuries too. More on that on some next post, or not, depending on how things go.

Anyway, I’ve been training constantly for a month now and decided to sign up for a 10k.
I believe this first race (first in my entire life by the way) will help my training, providing an additional motivation. In addition, it’s organized and sponsored by a very famous Italian radio network, which I’m a fan of. It’ll be nice to meet my favorite speakers while running!